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Make and Send
Audrey Johns Make and Send

Many Interior Designers have their own experienced curtain fitter and request our bespoke ' Make and Send ' service. Working from the measurements or plans you send us and conversations by phone or email , our in house production team can work alongside you on every aspect of your soft furnishing project. We can assist with quantifying, costing, purchasing, overseeing production and scheduling delivery of items to site  by courier or our own ' white glove ' delivery service. All items are made to exactly the same high standards and go through the same industry leading quality control processes as our bespoke on site services we offer Interior Designers. The only difference is that you provide your own measurements and arrange your our own installation. Even then, if any advice is required from site whilst you're on a measure or during installation, we are available for ' virtual ' advice and guidance at any time. Consider us as being alongside you as part of your team, not just as another supplier.

For further information about our Make and Send service please contact our Senior Estimator:

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